Kizzie at a glance…

10 weeks

Mini-Aussie/Pomeranian mix

3 lbs

working on pad training


Introducing Kizzie . . .

Tiny Kizzie is our newest Refuge Rescue girl. We got her from a grandmother who often keeps her grandchildren. The kids played too rough with her and she realized that this is not the time to have a small dog in her home. 

Kizzie is 10 weeks old and weighs less than 3 lbs. Her mom is a tri-color, 15 lb. mini-Australian Shepherd and her dad is a 7 lb. black Pomeranian. She is NOT low-shedding or hypo-allergenic. But she IS adorable and super playful. She is doing well with her pad training and is so cute walking on leash with her foster siblings. 

Kizzie is in a foster home and will be spayed in 3-4 weeks. We will start accepting adoption applications this week.

Last update: March 7, 2021