We were contacted about this beauty today. This baby girl had been passed around in a rural trailer park. The landlord discovered her and said she was too big and had to go… or the owner’s family had to go. They were given 24-hours to get her out of their trailer. She had to go somewhere – anywhere. And fast. We were asked to help. 

We looked in our bank account. We don’t have the funds to cover her spay and vaccinations. We said No. We looked in our Rescue Center – where we have 8 really, really nice dogs who have been waiting way too long to move into foster homes or to find their forever homes. We just don’t have room. We said No.

We looked into her eyes. And we pictured her future as a breeder dog… or tied to a tree outdoors… or being given away and given away and given away again… or euthanized in a rural shelter. We said Yes. An advocate is picking her up and she’ll be brought to metro Atlanta. She’s safe.


Will you help us cover Scout’s initial intake costs?

She’ll need all vaccinations – and she’ll need to be spayed. The minimum cost is $300. If she tests heartworm positive, we’ll need several hundred more to cover treatment.

We appreciate all donations – any amount!
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Introducing Scout

Scout is 10 months old. She’s housetrained and good with kids. She’s had absolutely no vetting. None. She was raised as an inside dog though, so we’re praying she’s heartworm negative. We won’t know, until she gets here and is tested.


We also need an immediate foster home! Can you help?
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Refuge Rescue

… is a volunteer-based 501(c)3 charity and dog rescue group founded in August of 2015. We rescue dogs of all breeds and all ages. Our organization is located in Woodstock, Georgia and we adopt our dogs to pre-approved homes within a 50 mile radius of our rescue.

Our Mission is:

… to save responsibly as many dogs as we can from high kill shelters and to find them forever homes.

… to educate the public about animals in high kill shelters throughout Georgia and the responsibilities involved with pet ownership, such as spay/neuter, heartworm and flea prevention, and vaccines.


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Success Stories:


THIS! This is why we do what we do! Last year, Spud came to us as a frightened, feces and urine encrusted, flea infested, horribly-matted, terrified little guy straight out of puppy mill hell.

THEN… He was so horribly matted, it took several shaving attempts to release his pinched, infected skin from the filthy mats. His mouth was rotten – and pus filled. Sores covered his body. His feet were swollen and bloodied. Born only to breed and breed and breed, it’s a life of abject suffering. It’s the excruciating existence of dogs used to produce all of the puppies, and money, for a puppy mill breeder. 

NOW… We have been extremely careful and cautious placing our 15 puppy mill rescues into the best homes – foster or adoptive. We’ve put a ton of tears and love and effort and money into each of these fragile little ones. Their previous lives were nothing but torture, so we are dedicated to ensuring each one winds up in the absolute best situation and with the best opportunity for a happy life going forward – knowing what it is to be loved, well-cared-for and cherished. Spud’s new pictures speak for themselves. He has his very own pack of furry friends and his new mom is head over heels in love with him. Here’s just some of what she has to say about Spud: He loves peanut butter and cheese, and is known to jump high enough to grab someone’s treat away from them. At bedtime – he always grabs the best spot. It’s Spuddy’s world and the rest of us just follow his lead! He is the happiest, most entertaining dog I have ever seen; and he gets 90 seconds out of every single minute! We are happy he is part of our family!

We’re ugly crying! But they’re very happy tears! We’re proud to have been part of you finding your Happily Ever After, Spud!

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